Current Plan

March 2020

This plan was formally submitted to New Castle County in February of 2020, following additional conversations with the Department of Land Use and area Stakeholders, as well as the Brandywine School District. Notable changes include, but are not limited to:

1. Perhaps the biggest change between this plan and prior submissions is the treatment of nearly 44 acres of land adjacent to Shipley Road, as well as to the communities of Chapel Crest, Presidential Estates and Devon.  While originally proposed for residential development, this area is now intended to be conveyed to the Brandywine School District for its use following the recordation of the rezoning plan.  To that end, the plan proposes to subdivide this nearly 44 acre parcel for conveyance to the School District.  The School District, which has identified a variety of needs, is currently proposing to utilize this parcel for the creation of an early learning and special education facility.

2. As part of the conveyance of the parcel to the School District, the proposed interconnection through the community from Concord Pike to Shipley Road has been eliminated. Access to the residential portion of the proposed community will be from Concord Pike, while access to the School District parcel will be from Shipley Road.  There will be no vehicle interconnection between the residential and School District parcel, however, we are continuing to propose a pedestrian path between Shipley Road and the Concord Square shopping center.   In addition, the proposed interconnections to the property to the south of the apartment community remains.

3. The number of single family homes has been significantly reduced through this plan. All attached housing has been eliminated in favor of single-family detached and attached lots.  The total number of houses has been reduced from 138 homes to 65 homes.  None of the single family homes are now proposed to be age-restricted, nor are any apartment units proposed to be age-restricted.  The total unit count in the proposed community has now been reduced from 563 units at the time the project was first submitted to New Castle County to 365 units.